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When you donate your spare change, you're helping us fund Duchenne muscular dystrophy research. Thanks to your support we're closer than ever to putting an end to a disease that quietly robs parents of their children. Your change can help.

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About Jesse's Journey

Our vision is a world free from the physical and emotional anguish of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We know we can get there, and we know that research is the key. We also know this: if research doesn’t get funded, it doesn’t happen. We need your help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my Round-Ups donated in CAD or USD?

At this time your change will be donated in USD. When you create an account, we recommend setting your cap to slightly below what you are willing to donate to accomodate for exchange rates. Your donation tax receipt will be for the full amount donated. If you require further information please call our office at 519-645-8855.

When will my 1st Round-Ups show up?

We receive updates from institutions approximately 4-6 times a day, but your first transaction may take up to 7 days to appear. Depending on your banking institution, multiple transactions may be posted to your bank account all at once.

Does my change get donated immediately after every purchase?

Not exactly. To avoid high credit/debit processing fees, the change from your transactions is accumulated each month and then donated on the last day of the month. This ensures that as much of your Round-Up Donation as possible goes towards our cause instead of bank/credit card fees. It also allows you to set a "Monthly Limit" on how much you donated via Round-Ups so you can give comfortably.

Why do you need my bank login information?

Round-Ups require you to log in and select the account (card) you want to connect. This authorizes us to receive transaction updates to determine your Round-Ups. During this step, you are interfacing directly with your financial institution. We DO NOT touch, receive or handle ANY of your login credentials. That information is encrypted by your institution and heavily protected using bank-level security protocol.